Firmware Release 20130501

This new release includes a critical bugfix affecting USB control of Canon EOS cameras.

Find out more and download here: 

It's just for any kind of dolly system -- at this point I'm not making one, though I do hope to eventually.  The variable pulse is nice for home-built systems where the pulse would directly turn the motor on and off.  The MX2 works well with just the default duration of 100ms, since it controls the distance independently.

Awesome, Do you have more information on what the dolly system will be?

Hey, sorry I didn't catch your comment earlier!  Yes, it allows for a variable-length pulse outout on the AUX port between frames.  The variability it nice for when the dolly movement is based on the time.

What's this "dolly pulse" option??? I hope it's what I'm thinking :D

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