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Battery draining while off?

I noticed that the battery seems to drain when it's off, I charged it about 3 weeks ago and haven't used it since, and the battery is at 62%

It's not a big deal, But maybe it's something that could be looked into?

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My best guess is that the percentage isn't completely accurate -- 62% might actually be more like 80%.  It's just a guess how to read it and it varies battery-to-battery.

Also, I'm not sure about how long they're expected to hold a full charge, but I know LiPo batteries do best at 50% for storage (better for the battery).

I'll check into it, too, and and try to keep and eye on where the battery is at after sitting a while.




I noticed the same thing. In 4 or 5 days my TL+ is around 60%. After that the battery draining slow down but continue at a rather fast rate when compared to other battery devices (eg : GPS logger)


Hi Julien,

I think there might be a problem with internal leakage in the battery when the TL+ is turned off and the battery has over 60% charge. For example, if I have my TL+ charged to 90%, and keep it off for a week, I notice that the charge is only about 60%. But then if I leave it off for another week, the charge goes down from 60% to 55%.

So the TL+ battery is not in a very stable state when the charge happens to be over 60%, and the charge goes down fast. But the battery stabilizes when the charge is around mid-range (50%). So if the TL+ is kept off for longer periods, the battery level should drop at a much lower rate.




In my case the leakage begin to slow when the battery charge is around 40%. But it continues to discharge at a rate of around 1% per day.

if initially charged at 100% :
after 1 week : 58%
after 2 weeks : 36%
after 3 weeks : 30%

Seems that TL+ is not a thing you can put in your camera bag and hope to use it a few weeks later without charging it. But except that, it's a great product


Hi Julien,

Your battery seems to discharge at a little higher rate than normal, but if you replace your battery with a new one, the discharge rate won't be much better. All TL+ batteries have the characteristics you just described.

I ran a test on my TL+ battery, and after a week, it was down to 60%, like I said before. But after the second week, it was down the 40%. I didn't have any valid data when I said the battery went from 60% to 55% in a previous message. I just figured it stabilized at some level. So it turns out the battery stabilizes at around 30%.


I have noticed the same battery draining flaw in my TL+


Hi Brad,

This flaw seems to characteristic of all LiPo batteries used for the Timelapse+. We'll look in getting a higher quality battery, if such a battery exists.



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