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I would love to use TL+ with my Sony A7ii

It uses the same usb device as mentioned before by other Sony users in the past:

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Hi John,

Thank you for your interest in the Timelapse+ product. I did some research on the Sony A7II, and I found that it can be controlled through a USB connection to a computer, but only if the computer has special software installed on on it provided by Sony. The Timelapse+ uses standardized PTP software that is used by Canon and Nikon. This is explained better in:

The bulb-ramping mode on the TL+ requires that ISO and aperture be controlled via USB, which is not supported for the A7II. However, the shutter can still be controlled through a separate shutter-release cable, which is all that is needed for basic time-lapse mode.

A cable is connected from the remote shutter-release port on the camera to the upper-left 2.5 mm port on the TL+. Your camera would use the the S2 cable shown on: This is 2.5mm to Multi Terminal Cable for remote control shutter release. An interval and shutter speed (or bulb time) can be set in the TL+, so the it triggers your camera once per interval period.

I also mentioned another kind of cable hook-up in the forum topic on the RX100-II, where you made a reply.



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