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Extended Bulb Ramping


Had a question regarding the TL+ and extended bulb ramping mode.

Does the TL+ control the camera's shutter speed and ISO to achieve the appropriate exposure when in Manual mode; as it does when in bulb mode during extended bulb ramping? 

Or do I need to manually set the exposure and continually adjust it until it switches back into bulb mode when appropriate shutter speeds are met?



NB: I'm using a Canon 5DmkII + USB cable &PC Synce to connect to the TL+

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Hi Phil,

When the Timelapse+ is running in extended bulb ramping mode with a shutter speed that is too fast for the TL+ to control, the camera has to be in manual mode, which means that all exposure settings have to be done directly on the camera, if any are needed.

The camera is usually able to run at the same exposure setting until the exposure level indicates a slower shutter speed can be used, at which time the TL+ takes over with full bulb-ramping control. Sometimes, one or two shutter speed changes are needed before the shutter speed is slow enough, and this has to be done directly on the camera. One problem with this is that the shutter speeds are always changed in discrete steps while in extended bulb-ramping mode, and not as a continuous function which is done while bulb-ramping. So there will be noticeable flicker in photos taken with the faster shutter speeds. There is also the problem of camera shake when the shutter speed is changed on the camera.

The aperture and ISO settings also cannot be controlled by the TL+ when in extended bulb ramping mode, because the exposure level range needed here is not really high, and a simple shutter speed change is all that is needed to reach the desired EV level, which should be within limits of TL+ control.



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