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Custom Night Target

When setting a custom night target the Timelapse+ will meet the desired exposure but not the exact values set. In my case i set 2s and ISO1600 as my custom night target but the TL+ gave me 5s and ISO640, which was correctly exposed but the shutter speed was a too long for me. Is there a way to have the TL+ meet the exact values set?

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Hi Jose,

Sorry about the slow your message, Whenever you set custom values for "Custom Night Exposure", this sets the exposure level for the last photos in the sequence when the target darkness level has been reached. The other Night Target settings (Half Moon, Full Moon, etc.) operate the same way. The values entered for shutter speed and ISO are ignored, and the final exposure level will always be based on minimum ISO and maximum allowable shutter time.

When running a bulb-ramoing sequence, the TL+ will always try to meet the current exposure conditions with the minimum ISO and the shutter time increasing to the maximum. When the maximum shutter time is reached, the ISO goes to the next higher value. It is possible to set the maximum shutter time so that it matches the value you entered as a custom value, which will cause the TL+ to end with exact values when the Night Target is reached.

This can be done be increasing the value of the "Bramp Pad" parameter, which is found in Settings -> Camera -> Bramp Pad. Bramp Pad is defined as the difference between the interval setting and the longest shutter time used in the photo sequence. So after a photo is taken, the TL+ idles for at least the Bramp Pad time before the shutter is activated for the next photo. This Bramp Pad time is needed because it allows the camera to take care of its "housekeeping" tasks, like storing data in memory and clearing the buffer. The default Bramp Pad value used on the TL+ is 6 seconds, because many cameras need the extra idle time to get ready for the next photo.

the upper limit of shutter time is the interval setting minus the Bramp Pad setting. For example, if your interval is set to 15s, and you want the final shutter time to be 2s, you would set the Bramp Pad value to 13s. Then as you run your bulb-ramping sequence, the shutter time will never be longer than 2 seconds, since the ISO will be increased to the next higher value whenever a 2s shutter time is reached.



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