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Manual Bulb Ramping

I just got my Timelapse + today, and I am very impressed with the build quality and the size of it,
great work!!!

I know this one wont be easy but it would certainly make a lot of people happy, 

I am hoping we could get functionality similar to the one in the little bramper,

to start with and the most important one,
it would be great to be able to set up the start exposure time of the camera based on the current light, and then its incremental value for the amount to which the bulb time will increase or decrease as time progresses,  
once we start the timelapse program get an interactive menu to move up or down the incremental value of the exposure time, 
we would know how much to increase or decrease it by looking at the camera luminance graph,
this way we would be able to control the exposure if the graph is going into the darks or the brights ourselves instead of trying to guess how long it would take to reach a target exposure.

we would also need a way to step up or down X number of stops,
this value we would program before we start the time-lapse,
for example : in my case I have a neutral density lee filter of 3 stops (to be exact 2.8 stops) I would add or remove this and it will reflect in the exposure time,
if we could have two different configurable spots for filters it would be better since you need two 3 stop filters to be able to do timelapse during daytime and as the night starts then you would remove them as need it and then press the button for the corresponding filter.

update interval in two ways
read feedback from the camera via pc port to know when the shutter is open so it will update the interval time so that they wont conflict if the bulb time is greater than the interval, also update the interval if the ramping reaches it so its greater than the time the exposure needs plus the time the camera needs to process the information

communicate and be able to change the iso in the camera via the timelapse + usb and at the same change the bulb time by one stop, lets say when you go from 100 to 200 iso the bulb exposure would calculate this that the exposure time is lower and change it down to compensate to the new iso value automatically.

allow time-lapse + to be tied to another device (kind of like the third request),  
the interval and the camera trigger tied to an external device,
such as a dolly is moving and until the move is complete I can't start the next bulb exposure,
this will help avoid blurry shots due to the dolly moving at the time when the camera is taking a long exposure photo.

I know its a lot to ask but I though it would be good to put it out here

for more information on the little bramper and another device that do something like this

please look at these links

for the another device one that does something similar to the little bramper plus changes iso value via usb look at Brampuino

Please let me know if any of the request don't make sense or needs more explanation

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I own the little bramper and like it, but find using it a pain for two reasons:

1. Unfriendly interface
2. Hackish system with parts hanging all over the place.

I would love to see the possibility of adjusting the incremental value as the timelapse progresses by looking at the histogram on the camera.
GBTimelapse has some awesome features regarding bulb-ramping. Maybe you could implement some.

Check out this link:
When you implement the function "auto bulb ramping" with "light sensor"?
Thanks in advance

I also own a little bramper and while it's a little cumbersome to use, I find it to be very powerful. Looking at the current bulb ramping docs I find the functionality still a little wanting. It seems like the only way to specify the ramping is by picking a positive change (which would preclude going from night to day) in stops at an arbitrary point in the future, meaning you'd need to know ahead of time how the light would be changing. With the bramper I'm able to watch the histogram on the camera and "chase" the curve by altering the rate the exposure is changing. I can see the power of being able to do keyframes if you can recreate a scene that you've done before but for dynamically changing conditions it's almost useless.

Thank you very much for implementing the Guided Bulb ramp

I got my usb cable today and I just tested it... it works great, 

I posted a video of my test, video guided bulb ramp 

PS:AV lock is really important to avoid flicker 

new video showing guided bulb ramp, no post processing

Cullera Spain 

I would like to find a manual on how to use the TimeLapse+ in guided bulb ramping mode, possibily with some examples. Does it exists? Thanks


Hi Guilia,

If you're still looking for instructions on how to use the Guided Bulb-ramping mode, check the documentation page on the Timelapse+ website: Scroll down to "Setup", and you'll see a few lines on Guided mode. There isn't much, but this mode is very simple to run, so not much is needed. You can find more information by scrolling down further to "Timelapse Menu". The only examples I know of are already posted in the replies above.



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